Back To School Essentials That Can be Personalised

Back To School Essentials That Can Be Personalised

Finally, school is commencing and after an eventful five months the kids are excited to get back into their daily routines. Now is the time to get all the back to school essentials in time for their start date. Prepare your child for school and get them super excited by buying them some personalised back to school essentials.

If you’re looking for unique goodies for school that will make your child the envy of their classmates or a great gift idea for any other child, then this is the best place to look.

Here are some great ideas for back to school gifts to get you started.


Personalised Backpacks

Personalised Backpacks - Back To School Essentials

Is your child a football fanatic, a dog lover or obsessed with unicorns or would they prefer a subtle backpack personalised only with their name?

We will surely have a backpack that suits your child. All our backpacks are hard-wearing with adjustable padded straps and a front zip pocket for any bits and bobs. You can personalise each backpack with your initial or a name of up to 12 characters, nobody will have a stylish bag like theirs.


Personalised Book Bags

Personalised Book Bags

Perfect for the little ones first day back at school. These cute bags have a comfortable padded handle, rip-strip closure for easy access, and an enhanced visibility reflective stripe to keep your child’s age on their travels to school.


Personalised Pencil Cases

Personalised pencil cases is one of our favourite back to school essentials.

One of my favourite back to school essentials is a personalised pencil case, which can be personalised with a name up to 12 characters long. We have a cool range each of which come with 12 personalised colouring pencils, 8 personalised HB pencils, a 6-inch ruler and a handy pencil sharpener. You won’t have to keep replacing missing pencils any longer!

Choose a larger personalised pencil case that comes in 3 different colours (blue, purple or black) embroidered with any name and packed full of goodies. This set includes 20 personalised colouring pencils, 2 personalised HB pencils, a colourful set of felt tips, a 30cm ruler, 2 pens and a pencil sharpener. This bumper pack of quality stationary will help prepare your child for academic success.

We also have some great character pencil cases in various cute designs, which can be personalised with your child’s name. They come with personalised colouring pencils too!


Personalised Pencils

Personalised Pencils

Have a look at our boxed HB pencils and colouring pencils. This is a fabulous gift for any stationary mad child. Personalised HB pencils come in various colours with a matching personalised box. HB pencils are embossed with your personalised name in silver, finished with a silver cuff and topped with an oh-so-important eraser and the colouring pencils come in 12 assorted colours personalised with any name in silver.


Personalised Notebooks

Personalised Notebooks

Our spectacular range of hardback notebooks can be personalised with a name of up to 15 characters. Each notebook contains a matching elastic closure band, internal bookmark ribbon and approximately 80 lined pages. What better way to take notes in lesson!


Personalised Lunch Bags

Personalised Lunch Bags

No more school dinners for the next few months at the very least due to the government covid-19 school guidelines. Your child is going to need a lunch bag. We have some fabulous ones on offer in various colours and themes. You can personalise it with your child’s name up to 12 characters long, so there won’t be any lunch mix ups.

The bags have a wipeable interior with insulated lining to ensure their food is kept at the right temperature. Two carry straps makes this bag portable for your little one.


Personalised Water Bottles

Personalised Water Bottles

Buy from our great range of drink bottles all personalisable with any initial or name up to 12 characters long. A perfect accompaniment to their lunch bag.


Personalised Kit Bags

Personalised Kit Bags

Your child is going to need a kit bag for those PE sessions and school swim sessions. Whether used for football, swimming or any other sport this kit bag will keep all your items safe. These bags are waterproof with a black drawstring closure that doubles up as shoulder straps. The bags can be personalised with a name up to 12 characters long and some allow an additional line up to 15 characters long.


Personalised Diary

A personalised diary is the perfect back to school essential if you want your child to stay organised.

With all those school appointments, school trips and after school clubs help your child gain independence by allowing them to keep track of their schooling activities by buying them a personalised soft backed A5 sized diary.

Choose from our variety of diaries that can all be personalised with a name up to 15 characters long. All our diaries contain 6 days per page, a diary details page, a year planner, and a notes page. Furthermore, you can choose your start month preventing any wasted pages.

With September looming make sure your little ones are ready to kick-start their new school year with all the right back to school essentials. With our range of back to school gifts your kids won’t be able to wait to go back to school. We have all the essentials to kit your child out and make all their class mates envious. Take a look and don’t miss out!

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to familiarise yourself with the latest government guidance on re-opening schools in September 2020.

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